Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Results of streaming this week

Shit done on stream from the last couple nights.  Did 5 hours on Monday night and 4 on Tuesday.

On monday I had come across this older role reversal pic of Kat and Mel on tumblr and wanted to do something else along those lines, so just more or less drew out a pic preceding it.  Attaching the tube bag and bottle to mask.
Second part of Monday's stream I drew an old Scott mask from my collection put on Aidenke's girl Tara, and then a follow up sketch explaining that I know that I was being stupid and lazy about leaving the bangs visible inside the mask.
Tuesday's session was all about pony harnesses. Designs for the harnesses were sourced from Restrictionwear's dA page. Another one of them great horse gas masks from on Kat complete with compressed air tank and regulator, and then some PonyMel.

That's most likely it out of me for the week.  My weekend is over and job work tiem is nao.



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